One Special Meal that’ll boost Your Sperm Count like Magic.

One Special Meal that’ll boost Your Sperm Count like Magic.

Sperm count as the name implies, is the total volume of the sperm cells present in a given orgasm. A normal sperm count, as well as a high sperm motility rate are necessary in order to fertilize a woman’s ovary for pregnancy to occur; whereas, the opposite of it is a health condition called Oligospermiaas. Nonetheless, many men who face the issue of  low sperm count are still able to father a child.

Low sperm counts and low sperm motility rate are subject to several causes 

Nevertheless, for the sake of the particular angle of the subject that we are dealing with here, we shall explore below one simple food that can boost a man’s sperm count within 3 days.

Are you ready? Let’s dive into it 


  • Soya-beans
  • Groundnuts
  • Crayfish
  • Plantain
  • Pap (Akamu; in Igbo), Ogii (Yoruba) and
  • Carrots

Step1: Grind equal proportion of soya-beans, groundnuts and crayfish all mixed together

Step2: Roast the plantains and scrap of the charcoal back

Step3: Prepare pap (Akamu, Ogii) and add to it 6 table spoonful of the mixture

Step4: Enjoy the meal with your roasted plantains

Step5:   Something like around one hour after the meal, enjoy the carrots with your spouse or partner.

Note: If you’re not ready for any pregnancy yet, then you better wear on protection.

HINT: Make sure you come back and thank me. Laughs…

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Know also, that this meal is not for men alone, or for sex power . Both the woman and children can enjoy it alike, hence it contains the essential nutrients that fuel the entire body system for active performance. When a woman is pregnant, this recommendation is also ideal for her as part of her routine food. This will enhance both the man and woman’s body (organ’s) efficiency in producing a sound looking baby at delivery.

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