Toilet infections are micro bacteria or viral diseases that can be contacted through the use of the toilet that a carrier or sufferer has used, sexual intercourse, exchange of underwear etc. These harmful parasites at first tries to gain entrance into the genital organs, and if not treated on time and properly, may cause nearly irreparable damages to the affected body tissues and organs.

Vaginitis is an inflammation of the Virgina.

Note however, that longterm infections can be a major cause of  infertility due to essential tissue damages and can as well lead to untimely death of the victim.


Symptoms may include: Inability to get pregnant,rashes around the sex organ, Virginal discharge, painful mensuration, constant miscarriages, Virginal itching, redness, abnormal ovulation, painful mating etc.

When you notice any of the listed or similar symptoms, there is something to do! We have discovered this home remedy, which has always worked especially for cases that have not been for too long a time.


Items needed:


Step 1:  Grind ginger, scent leave, garlic and bitter leave of the same proportion.

Step 2:  Put a little in your palm and rub it onto your genital organ and any other affected areas. This must be after you’ve taken your bath. Note: rub at once because it may not be comfortable…a bit peppery. But it’s really worth the pain though.

Step 3:  Then add a little water to the remaining mixture and boil for like 10 mins. Sieve and drink.

Dosage:  Do it in the morning and night for 3 days and that’s all!

Observations:  You would notice that the prevailing symptoms have gradually subsided. You may now go for a lab test.

Note: If the matter is a prolonged issue, you may need to continue this natural/home remedy for up to 2 weeks in order to thoroughly root it off.

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