How to Boost Sperm Counts within 3 days with Guava Leaf.

How to Boost Sperm Counts within 3 days with Guava Leaf.



The guava tree is very common in virtually all parts of the world. The larger majority of the people that use it only stops at eating the guava fruits – hence other tremendous health benefits that proceeds from this wonder plant seems to be hidden.

Among other numerous ways in which guava plant could be used as natural / herbal remedy, We want to x-ray here how to boost sperm count and sperm’s motility rate using guava leaf extract.

Before we delve deep into the preparation approaches, let us first examine the sperm boosting efficacy of the guava leaf extract:

A Study On The Efficacy Of Guava Leaf Extract

A research study contained in the U.S. National Library of Medicine database, which was further published by the African Journal of Medicine, summary showed that guava leaf extract (GLE) may be effective to boosting a man’s sperm count and sperm motility rate.

Now, if that be the case, what then is it that makes the guava leaf extract so powerful for such a work?

It was discovered that the effect of the ethanol extract called Psidium Guajava which is present in guava leaf, when it contacts with the sperm cell, such a result is achievable.

Guava Leaf Natural Remedy Preparation

Items needed:

  • Guava Leaves
  • Blender/ Mortar and Pistol (optional)
  • Clean water
  • A bowl
  • Sieve

Step1: Gather enough guava leaves and remove all the leaves from their stem’s hosts

Step2:  Wash very well with water and some drops of salt in a bowl

Step3:  Squeeze the leaves in a bowl with 2 cups of water or marsh in the mortar and then add some water or use the blender. Note that whichever case you choose; the requirement is to crush the guava leaves in order to obtain the chlorophyll extract from it.

Step4:  Then sieve off the leaf remnants (chaff)

Step5:  Transfer into an air tight container

Dosage:           Take a full tumbler morning and night respectively (night, before bed). For 3 days.

Observations: It works like magic! The sperm volume, thickness and motility improve rapidly.

Notes: (1). No sex until after 3 days.

(2). Caution! Pregnancy may occur as soon as you resume sex.


  • This preparation is also helpful to ulcer patients.

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