Home Remedy For Weakness Of The Penis Or Poor Erection

Home Remedy For Weakness Of The Penis Or Poor Erection

This is a situation whereby a man’s penis (the male organ) is usually very weak and too soft. And when this is the case, the patient can never be able to have or maintain quality erection for sex.

However, this can be caused by STD/STI or venerable diseases or untreated or partial staphylococcus. Also, there are some cases that is linked to spiritual manipulations perhaps from the water kingdoms, whereas other may be related to Infection, Poor eating habit, Malnutrition, alcoholism, Hard drugs etc.

In this tutorial, we shall be dealing only on how to correct this awful, degrading, and challenging health situation with herbs and other natural/home remedies at home.

Are you ready? Let’s go there!


If you have been seeing yourself having good sex in your dreams but in real life, you cannot even maintain an erection; talk more having a lasting sexual intercourse. Don’t worry, here’s still hope for you:

Items needed: Olive seed and Anointing (Olive) Oil

To do: 1.          Take just one seed and chew in your mouth. Do it 1st thing in the morning and last thing in the night; before bed. For 2 weeks

  1. Also, buy the original anointing (Olive) oil prepared by the Holy Spirit monk; get them here and use it to rub on the penis every night before going to bed, and drink one spoon of it – you’ll regain full erection within 7 days.



Items needed:

  • 3 onion bulbs (big ones)
  • Knife
  • Mortar and pistol or Blender
  • Cooking pot
  • Water
  • Sieve
  • Original honey – Get it cheap here

Step1:  Slice the 3 bulbs of onions and marsh very well into the mortar or blender as the case may be

Step2:  Add a cup of water to it and sieve the paste. Dispose of the chaff.

Step3:  Mix the sieved out water with the same proportion of original honey and stir together.

Step4:  Then boil in a cooking pot for about 20 mins and allow cooling

Step5:  Transfer it into an air tight container or bottle

Dosage:           Drink 2 tablespoons; morning and night – before bed. You’ll gain a rock and lasting erection before 7 days.

Important notes:

  • Abstain from sex for the first 3 days
  • Go for infection treatment with your sex partner if you’ve been diagnosed of it.
  • This erection that you’ve now regained can only be sustained when the major cause of the health problem is eradicated.

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My name is Richard ThankGod E, a graduate in Accountancy,an online strategist and a passionate health researcher who can go the extra mile to provide solutions that could make life easy.

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